The consortium will develop the following results:

– the DRONES@STEAM competence framework with inbuilt benchmarks and indicators to monitor, assess and validate students’ skills through the eco-system of the Open Badges for introducing the use of drones in education as the basis for the development of STEAM related skills such as coding, 3D-P etc.

– a blended in-service training course for VET trainers/leaders to acquire digital and STEM related skills on drones’ technology, legislation, regulations, certification etc. through webinars, podcasts, videos etc. – an educational pack for DRONES@STEAM programme which will include guide books, elearning material using audio-visual tools, practical activities based on scenarios – a comprehensive, job-related and scenario-based modularised course supported with audio-visual material, tools and resources offered both online and offline for students based on cross-curricular approach

– DIY Drone KIT with all essential equipment and guidelines to be used for designing, 3D printing and assembling based on specific scenarios.

Educational Material (Student Version)

Job-specific Scenarios